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Bible Dictionary.......If you've ever wondered about a word or name or place you saw in the Bible. This will help you to understand the most and open the door for you to have a Bible Dictionary in your home.

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Aaron....Moses big brother. Moses wasn't a good speaker. so God told Aaron to speak for him.Aaron did the talking. Moses was the leader-------------------

Abba.....An Aramaic word meaning daddy(Aramaic is the language that Jesus and His disciples spoke. The apostle Paul used the word Abba too. He said when we are saved God adopts us and we can call Him Daddy----------------

Abraham.....A man of great faith. Abraham and his wife Sarah had a son named Isaac.One day God decided to test Abraham 's faith He asked him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to Him. Abraham was about to do what God asked then the angle of the Lord appeared . Don't hurt the boy..God was totally sure that Abraham would do any thing for Him because he was so faithful. he was called the father of us all--------------

Advent of Christ....Another way of saying the birth of Christ. Jesus' birth was the beginning of a wonderful things. He was God's only son And he was God's special gift to all humans then and forever. God sent His son to earth to save us from our sins. In old Testament people gave their best animals to God as a sacrifice. a way of telling God that He was more important than anything they owned. Jesus was God' sacrifice for us to show that He loves us more anything else. there will never be a sacrifice as great as that------------

Bible....The written Word of God. The Bible is split into  the Old Testament and the New Testament The parts are a collection of sixty six books They were written by more than forty different authors. The authors weren't all rich or famous Some were ordinary men Others were prophets Some were kings. God inspired the authors to write. The words are His We can believe everything in the Bible is true. The Bible took about 1500 years! to write ( from Genesis to Deuteronomy )were probably written between 1446 and 1406 Bc.The newest book to (revelation) was written around AD95. In Ad 1454 the Bible was printed on a printing press. It was the first book ever printed------------------

Jesus Christ.....Son of God . Savior of the world. Every day He saves people from sin Without Him no one would ever enter heaven. When Jesus died He took all of our sins with Him. When He came back to life He proved that He is the son of God . our Lord and  our savior ...Who believe in Him will have a place in heaven. Matthew 2:13-14 and 10:1-4 and 26:3-4 and 28:1-10  Mark14:55-65  and Mark10:45  Acts 16:31

Bible Dictionary

It is hard to have all the Bible words-peoples-places-names inside one page..I am just trying to open your heart and your mind to have a Bible Dictionary ..Is very important to read the Bible but The most important ever to understand the word of God. Not just read it --understand it. Bible Dictionary is fun ..make you understand the Bible And if you understand the word you will live the word.

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