Jesus Hands

Jesus hands give you help in every situation in your life just give him your hand and tell him hold my Hand Lord Jesus. Lead my way by your hand

When you fall and skin your knees and skin your heart,He'll pick you up. Charles Stanley

Unless the Lord build a house.its builders labor over it in vain,unless the lord watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain. Psalm127:1

The everlasting God is your place of safety, and his arms will hold you up forever. He will force your enemy out ahead of you,saying Destroy the enemy! Deuteronomy33:27

Have you Ever faced challenges that seems too big to handle ? Have you ever faced big problems and could not be solved? If so you know how uncomfortable it is to feel helpless in the face of difficult. Thankfully you can turn your thoughts and prayers to Jesus and He will respond.

Jesus hands uplifts those who turn their hearts and prayers to Him. remind yourself ,you can live courageously and joyfully. knowing that, this too will pass...but Jesus love for you will not.

Jesus has premised that when you ask for His help, He will not withhold it .so ask. Ask Him to meet the needs of your day.Ask Him to lead you, to protect you, and to correct you, And trust the answers He gives. Jesus stands at the door and waits. When you knock He opens, When you ask, He answers. your task is to seek His guidance confidently.

Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives,and he who seek finds,and to him who knocks it will be opened. Matthew7:7-8

Leave your Life in Jesus Hand



Set your minds on What is above, not on What is on the earth.


How will you direct your thoughts today? will you listen to the voice of truth Or will you allow your thoughts to be negative .

Are you fearful,angry,board, or worried? Are you confused,bitter, or pessimistic? If so Jesus wants to have a little talk with you.

Jesus won't force you to have a positive attitude,It's up to you to think positively about your blessing and opportunities.... or not. It's up to you to take Jesus hands With you everywhere and everyday. So today and everyday celebrate this life that God has given you by focusing your thoughts and your energies upon things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Today count your blessings instead of your hardships.And thank the giver of all things . every good things comes from God , And but your trust in Jesus hands , Everything will be excellent .

Attitude is the mind's paintbrush, it can color any situation. Barbara Johnson

Even the most inspired Christians can from time to time find themselves running on empty.The demand of daily life can drain us of our strength and rob us of the joy that is rightfully ours in Jesus Christ.When we find ourselves down look for your source.That source is Jesus Christ. sometimes peace and joy seem very far away.It is then that we must turn to Jesus Christ our Lord for renewal and when we do He will restore us if we allow Him to do so. God is always working in us and through us, our job is to let Him do His work without undue interference.

Are you tired or troubled? look for Jesus Hands in prayer. Are you weak or worried? take the time or accurately make the time to find Jesus Hands in your life. Are you spiritually depleted? call upon fellow believers to support you, and call upon Jesus Christ to renew your spirit and your life. Are you simply overwhelmed by the demands of the day? pray for Jesus hands to simplify your life. Are you exhausted? pray for the wisdom to rest a little more and worry a little less.

When you do these things You will discover the power of Jesus Hands always ready and always able to create a new sense of wonderment and joy in you.

You, therefore, my child ,be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2timothy2:1

Jesus Hand will Show You The Path Of Life


Life is best lived on purpose. And purpose like everything else in the universe, begins in the heart of God. whether you realize it or not God has a direction for your life, a diving calling, When you welcome God into your heart and establish good relationship with Him. He will begin and He will continue to make His purposes known.

Each morning as the sun rises in the east you welcome a new day. one that is filled with opportunities, with possibilities, and with God. As you contemplate God's blessing in your life. you should prayerfully seek His guidance for the day ahead.

ask God to lead you throughout the coming day.let Your Heavenly Father direct your steps.focus on what God wants you to do now. And leave the distant future in hands that are far more capable than your own ; His Hands.

God create you for a reason, He has important work for you to do, and He is waiting patiently for you to do it. So why not Begin today?

I will instruct you and show you the way to go, With My eye on you,I will give counsel. Psalm32:8

Jesus Hands

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  • Continually restate to yourself what the purpose of your life is. Oswald Chambers
  • His life is our light... our purpose and meaning and reason for living. Anne Lotz
  • In the very place where God has put us, whatever its limitations, whatever kind of work it may be, we may indeed serve the Lord Christ. Elisabeth Elliot
  • Yesterday is just experience but tomorrow is glistening with purpose.... and today is the channel leading from one to the other. Barbara Johnson

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