Jesus In Christmas

Jesus In Christmas.....Each year it is traditional to give Gifts at Christmas ... God is offering you a gift as well. The Gift of forgiveness, freedom and eternal life. as you accept a Christmas gift . you must accept God's gift of salvation

Jesus In Christmas

Christmas is accepted as a season of giving, With love as your motivation, you will Joyfully give. This type of giving was modeled to us by our Father in Heaven. God.He manifested how much He loved us by giving His only begotten son for us. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John3:16

He gave extravagantly and freely because He so loved the world.If we modle God's behavior and give in love, then 10 % is just the beginning, As we see the world through our Beloved's eyes, we overflow with generosity. We give freely recognizing our giving as an outpouring of what has been freely given to us from God.We open the door for God's supranational work in and through us as we are transformed by His love and grace. The greatest gift of the season is the One that was first given in love, Jesus Christ. As we read in God's Word: We love (and Give ) because He first loved us 1John4:19

Jesus In Christmas

Jesus was born in the city of David is no ordinary baby. He is the savior of the world. Jesus Christ comes to offer the ultimate gift of salvation, but he also offers much more. Scripture foretold in Isaiah9:6 that Jesus will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace Each title speaks of who Jesus is and who He desires to be for us.For those searching for guidance, Jesus wants to be your Wonderful Counselor. For those in need of the Messiah's power, Jesus can be your Mighty God. For those looking for freedom, Jesus is the Everlasting Father of the New Covenant. In the midst of the worst storms, Jesus offers eternal peace.

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( Jesus is born ) Luke2:1-20

It is Almost Jesus Birthday by valerie ronsseau

It is almost Jesus birthday so let us not forget. to give to Him the present that He would like the best. He doesn't want a stocking hung upon the tree or lots of toys or presents like selfish you and me.

He only wants our love for Him to shine out to the earth. He wants us to tell others, about His Miracle birth. He wants us to bring all we know to church to worship Him. He wants us to remember He died for all our sins.

please focus on His Birthday, the sacrifice God made to send His son to live and die. So we could all be saved.

This tiny baby Jesus born in a lowly stall. He came to bring salvation to save us one and all.

This Christmas has more meaning.. I'm calm and have such peace. so let us bow before Him and worship at His feet. The church bells now are ringing for you and I to bring our gifts of praise and worship to our savior and our king.

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