Jesus Is My Everything

Jesus Is My Everything- I can do all things through Christ, because he give me strength. Philippians4:13

He is my song that I sing
He is the joy that a new day brings

He is my strength when I am weak
He is my voice when I speak

He is my friend when I need a hug
He is my lover, when I need real love

He is the lawyer who pleads my case
He is the only righteous judge who forgives me, then, all me sins He erases

He is the doctor who heals my wounds
He is my redeemer, and He's coming back soon

He is my comforter when I'm feeling down
He is my angel that is ever present, always around

He is my provider always supplying when I need help

He is my water, my bread, stored up on the shelf

He is my encourager, when I really don't want to

He is the prince of peace, yes a peacemaker is He
He is my eyes, my light, my pathway, when I can't see

He is my mighty counselor when I need some advice

He is my hope for tomorrow
He is my ever flowing income, so I don't have to beg, steal, nor borrow

He is the mercy which He renews for me everyday
He is my truth, my life, the only way

He is the author, the finisher of my faith
He is the patience that always tells me to wait

Jesus is my everything, although with my natural
eyes, Him, I cannot see
Jesus is my everything, my everything, everything
I want to be

Jesus is my everything, therefore, I don't wait
until December 25th for him to hear how He is my everything, all the time, everyday of the year.

Author unknown

Jesus Is My Everything Today And Everyday

Are Willing to focus your thoughts and energies on Jesus. Today, why not focus your thoughts on the joy that is rightfully yours in Christ? when you do ,you will feel happy And you will think optimistically about yourself and your world.

Look to Jesus Only , See him only in every situation in your life, in every needs in your life, He stand on the door of your life knocking . Waiting for you to open and let him come to your life as savior, friend , father, brother, teacher, protector, Lord.

Please open the door and let Him be everything in your life

You will never never be the same

But in all these things we have full victory through God who showed his love for us. Roman8:37

You are already clean because of the words I have spoken to you. If you remain in me and follow my teaching you can ask anything you want and it will be given to you. John15:3,7

All that the father has is mine. That is why I said that the Spirit will take what I have to say and tell it to you. in that day you will not ask me for anything. I tell you the truth, my Father will give you anything you ask for in my name. John 16:15-23

If you believe, you will get anything you ask for in prayer. Matthew21:22

So I tell you to believe that you have received the things you ask for in prayer, and God will give them to you. Mark11:24

Christ had no sin, but God made him become sin so that in Christ we could become right with God. 2Corinthians5:21

To me the only important thing about living is Christ, and dying would be profit for me. Philippians1:21

I Know how to live when I am poor, and I know how to live when I have plenty. I have learned the secret of being happy at any time in everything that happens when I have enough to eat and when I go hungry when I have more than I need and when I do not have enough. I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength. Philippians4:12-13

Jesus has the power of God , by which he has given us everything we need to live and to serve God. We have these things because we know him. Jesus called us by his glory and goodness. Through these he gave us the very great and precious promises. with these gifts you can share in being like God, and the world will not ruin you with its evil desires. 2Peter1:3-4

Here I am ! I stand at the door and knock If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with you, and you will eat with me. Revelation3:20

If my father and mother leave me, the Lord will take me in. Psalm27:10

Jesus Is My Everything

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