Meditate on Jesus Words

Meditate on Jesus words can change your life,stay open for change - you can change your world by changing your words

Did you know? you can find Peace & success in Jesus Words -Meditate on Jesus words everyday,memorize the Words,speak the words,live the Words. life will change forever

Where to start !

Don not worry about where to start.start anywhere.Go through the Bible and see what verses interest you.then begin to Meditate, exploring and reading every day to begin the great adventure of living for Jesus.

It is important to read and memorize God's Word.But what really count is living it.letting the word affect how you work,play and live. ( live It ! ) tells you what the Bible has to say about your life right NOW !

Meditate on Jesus words

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How to Meditation in Jesus Words?

  • Remind God What he Said
  • Word of Inspiration - Jesus the name above all names
  • Hope and Help for the Broken Life
  • The songs of the Morning Stars

There are some Bible verses are so powerful that can inspire your life these verses provide hope and courage for your daily life.
so study each verse keep it in your mind and in your heart too.
when you do ,you will discover that having God's word in your life is even better than having a Bible on your book shelve

Meditate on Jesus Words and live a life of Joy

Together will discover the power of God's word in your daily life,the only thing you need to do is !!!!!!!!

Use it in your mind in your heart in your tongue

you do not know How - let me tell you How

this book of law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success.







What you think if you have all these in your life or this is your life, full of with all these power,You know if you have Jesus you have everything ,You all in all because you have Jesus. God's word tell me that the good things are already here.I pronounce my life blessed.I Pronounce my life prosperous.I pronounce my life great.darkness and gloom,poverty and sickness defeat and depression will not be in my life.

  • Lord you are God You have promised many good things to me
  • Lord, our Lord How Majestic is your name in the Whole earth.You have made your glory higher than the heavens
  • THE Lord helps me I will not be afraid. Hebrew 13:6
  • I will never leave you I will never desert you. Hebrew13:5
  • The lord is our king He will save us Isaiah33:22 Your Questions. Real Answers. Get our toolbar!

Jesus calling

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