Opportunities of Today !

Opportunities of Today !.. Therefore, as we have opportunity we must work for the good of all especially for those who belong to the household of faith.  galatians6:10

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Opportunities of Today !

Are you excited about the opportunities of today and by the possibilities of tomorrow? Do you confidently expect God to lead you to a place of peace and joy?  And when your days on earth are over do you expect to receive the gift of eternal life? If you trust God's promises and if you have Jesus into your heart then you believe that your future is intensely and eternally bright. 

Today as you prepare to meet the duties of everyday life pause and consider God's promises. And then think for a moment about the wonderful future that awaits all believers including you. God has promised that your future is secure. Trust that promise and celebrate the life of peace and eternal joy that is now yours through Christ.

Opportunities of Today ! ..... He who waits until circumstances completely favor his undertaking will never accomplish anything.   Martin Luther

God surrounds you with opportunity. You and I are free in Jesus Christ not to do whatever we want but to be all that God wants us to be. Warren Wiersbe

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. unsolvable without God's wisdom that is.    Charles swindoll

Great opportunities often disguise themselves in small tasks.  Rick Warren

Winner see an answer for every problem losers see a problem in every answer.  Barbara Johnson

Life is a glorious opportunity.  Billy Graham

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Opportunities of Today !

In the beginning God created everything the things we see and the things we do not. And each morning the sun rises upon a glorious world that is manifestation of God's power and love. Today take time to really observe the world around you. Take time to offer a prayer of thanks for the sky above and beauty that lies beneath it.  And take opportunity to celebrate God's wonderful world.

By asking in Jesus name we are making a request not only in his authority but also for his interests and His benefit.  Shirly Dobson

Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant asking But the way to trouble God is not to come at all.  D.L. Moody

All we have to do is to acknowledge our need move from self-sufficiency to dependence and ask God to become our hiding place. Bill Hybels

God's help is always available but it is only given to those who seek it.  Max Lucado

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