The Cross of Christ 

The Cross of Christ.....Come to the Cross find salvation find peace find eternal Life find freedom .....

The Cross of Christ....What Jesus was Crucified on. the cross was made out of two rough and heavy wood posts. One post was long when it was stuck into the ground it was like a very tall fencepost . the other post was shorter. It was attached crosswise near the top of the long post. Jesus' hands and feet were nailed to it. He was left hanging there to die. Jesus hung on the Cross for six hours before He died. Today we remember that day as Good Friday. Jesus died on the cross so we would be forgiven for our sins. 

The Cross of Christ

The Bible Says that Jesus the son of God died on the cross as payment for our sins . Why did that happen? When God created the world it was perfect-fit for the Creator. But humanity's disobedience quickly created an intractable problem. a holy God cannot relate to sin. A breach in the relationship required some form of payment. In the Old Testament God established a set of animal sacrifices as token payments.. important indeed but not adequate to heal the breach. From the beginning it was God's plan to heal the breach Himself . through an unprecedented action by which God Himself would satisfy His own demands for sinless perfection. Indeed the Messiah would come to pay the price for the sins of all people. If Jesus were merely human a good man would have died and that would be the end of His story and ours.If Jesus were only divine we would not have seen and heard Him or known firsthand about God's love But fully human and fully divine Jesus told us about God and then satisfied God's own requirement He was the sinless son standing in the place of sinful people satisfying the perfect justice of a holy God. That's the meaning of the amazing biblical truth of God's death for us.

+The purpose..our fellowship with God

+The motive..God's love for us

+The means..Crucifixion

+The result.. resurrection and eternal life for all who believe.

The Price was paid by Jesus who bore the sins of the world on the Cross satisfying God's holy justice and winning the free gift for all who believe.

Jesus Death on the Cross gives us eternal life with God in heaven we do nothing to deserve it ..It is free gift.

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The Cross of Christ 

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