The Promises of God !

The Promises of God ! ..... The heavens declare the Glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork. Psalm19:1

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The Promises of God !.....Truth from the Bible about (Forgiving Others)..Yes If you forgive others for their sins yourFather in heaven will also forgive you for your sins. But if you don't forgive others your Father in heaven will not forgive your sins. Matthew6:14-15

...But I say to you love your enemies Pray for those who hurt you. Matthew5:44

...When you are praying if you are angry with someone forgive him so that your father in heaven will also forgive your sins. Mark11:25

Do not let evil defeat you but defeat evil by doing good. Romans 12:12

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The Promises of God ! 

Truth from the Bible about (Christan Fellowship)....We had a good friendship and walked together to God's Temple. Psalm55:14

By helping each other with your troubles you truly obey the law of Christ.When we have the opportunity to help anyone we should do it. But we should give special attention to those who are in the family of believers. Galatians6:2,10

Truth About ( your Responsibility)...Jesus said to his followers Go everywhere in the world and tell the Good  News to everyone. Mark16:15

But when the Holy Spirit comes to you, you will receive power you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem in all of Judea in Samaria and in every part of the world. Acts1:8

Truth about (Speaking God's Word)...I tell you the truth you can say to this mountian Go fall into the sea And if you have no doubts in your mind and believe that what you say will happen God will do it for you. Mark11:23

Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and said to the waves Quite Be still. Then the wind stopped and it became completely calm. Mark4:39 .

Let us holdfirmly to the hope that we have confessed because we can trust God to do what he promised. Hebrews10:23

Truth About ( God's will for Your Life) .... The Lord says I will make you wise and show you where to go. I will guide you and watch over you. Psalm32:8

You word is like a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. I will do what I have promised and obey your fair laws. Psalm119:105-106

If you go the wrong way to the right or to the left you will hear a voice behind you saying . This is the right way You should go this way. Isaiah30:21

This God is our God forever and ever He will guide us from now on. Psalm48:14

Truth about ( Answered Prayer)...I  will provide for their needs before they ask and I will help them while they are still asking for help. Isaiah65:24

If you believe you will get anything you ask for in prayer. Matthew7:7-8

If you remain in me and follow my teaching you can ask anything you want and it will be given to you. John15:7

In that day you will not ask me for anything. I tell you the truth my Father will give you anything you ask for in my name. John16:23

The Promises of God !

The Promises of God !

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