Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary.....There is no woman about whom the prophets prophesied, and
about whom the Holy Bible cared, like the Virgin Mary.......There are
numerous symbols about her in the Old Testament. In the New
Testament also, there are her biography, her praise, and the miracles.
How many are the glorifying expressions and the contemplations.She is the mother of all of us, the lady of all of us, the pride of our
kind, the queen at the right side of the King, the Virgin with perpetual
virginity, the pure, the filled with grace, the saint Mary, the powerful and
helpful compassionate mother, the mother of the Light, the mother of
mercy and salvation, the true vine.

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O Mary, you have been raised above the cherubims, and have
become higher than the seraphims, O Mary.
Mary who was bred up in the temple, and lived the life of prayer and
contemplation since her childhood, and who was the sacred vessel whom
the Lord has chosen to come inside her.
Long generations waited for the birth of this Virgin, so that the
fullness of the time would become complete by her (Gal.4:4)...........
She has removed the shame of Eva, and saved the reputation of
women after sin.
She is the mother of Jesus our God in perpetual virginity. The church calls the virgin Mary by the surname of the queen. this was mentioned by the (Psalm) about Her. At your right hand stand the Queen. Psalm45:9

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Virgin Mary......The reverence of the Virgin appears in the salutation of the archangel Gabriel to Her: peace to you, o you fall of Grace, The Lord is with you, blessed are you among woman (luck1:28) that is with a special blessing to which also saint Elisabeth gave testimony. then she spoke out with a loud voice and said: blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb.Luck1:42 Saint Elisabeth found herself small in front of the greatness of the
Virgin, and she spoke with the feeling that she was not deserving,
although she knew that her son "will be great in the sight of the Lord",
and that "He will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah"
(Luke 1: 15-17). She said:

Virgin Mary

In the life of The Virgin, miracles begin before her birth, and
continue after her death. From these:
1. She was generated with a miracle, from sterile parents, with an
annunciation from the angel.
2. The miracle of her betrothal, in a divine manner which
determined who will take her and care for her.
3. The miracle of her conception of Christ while she is a virgin, and
the continuation of her virginity after giving birth.
4. The miracle during her visit to Elizabeth who, when she heard the
voice of her greeting, the babe leaped for joy in her womb, and she was
filled with the Holy Spirit.
5. Innumerable miracles during her visit to Egypt, one of which is
the fall of idols (Is. 19:1).

6. The first miracle which the Lord did in Can of Galilee, happened
through her request.
7. The miracle of the dissolution of iron, and the deliverance of the
apostle Matthias, happened through her intervention.
8. The miracle of Christ receiving her soul, at the hour of her death. 9. The miracle of the striking of the Jews by the Lord, when they
wanted to attack her corpse after her death.
10. The miracle of the ascent of her body to heaven.
11. The miracles which happened everywhere by her hands, about
which books were written.
12. Her apparition in numerous places, and especially her wonderful
apparition in Zeitoun Egypt, and in Papadopoulo.
Miracles are still happening everywhere, and will happen as a
testimony to the honor of this saint.

Virgin Mary...Hail to you! we ask you, o saint,full of glory, the ever virgin, Mother of God, Mother of Christ, lift up our prayers to your beloved Son that He may forgive our sins. Hail to the saintly Virgin who gave birth to the true light Christ our Lord ask the Lord to have mercy on us and forgive us our sins. O Virgin Mary the holy mother of God the saintly faithful intercessor for the human race , intercede for us before Christ to whom you gave birth that He may forgive us our sins. Hail to you , O Virgin the true Queen . Hail to the Pride of our race,who gave birth to Emmanuel. We ask you to remember us. O faithful intercessor, before our Lord Jesus Christ that He may forgive us our sins.

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